"It is a token of health and gentle characteristics when women of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while so occupied." ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sneek Peek at Simply Primitives......Happy 2011!!

Happy 2011!! I have posted just a little "sneak peek" of my offerings for Simply Primitives. I hope you get the chance to stop by for a visit.We are filled to the brim with new and creative wares. I hope you enjoy my new offerings and all the other very talented artist creations!!  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, so fun to create handmades from the heart.....Handmade with Love and Care....from my Home to Yours!!

Valentine Treasures

Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you  remember them;
no matter how long since you've actually met,
each one is a luminous gem,
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that's why this Valentine comes to you:
You're one of those sparkling treasures!

Blessings to you and yours!!


Sheila said...

Your Valentine offerings are wonderful! I'm in the middle of making some similar heart goodies myself!
The "Valentine Treasures" poem is beautiful.
Have a wonderful day~

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...


Everything is just lovely!! Ah, Hearts!!! I just LOVE them!!! The poem is a wonderful touch too!!

Beautiful job....as always!!!

Hugs and Blessings~~

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

They are great!
I love them!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

I just love the Prim Hearts... thanks for sharing..


Myglorystars said...

OOH AAH Mona, I love the hearts on the bobbins!!!

Angie Berry said...

Your heart handmades are wonderfully prim! I love the bobbins too! Very nice poem, thank you for sharing it.

Dorothy said...

Love all the handmade hearts. The poem is so nice too. Blessings.........

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hello Mona!...I found my way to your blog through your listing at Simply Primitives and saw that you are having a giveaway and oh what a marvelous treasure that angel is indeed!...I would love to be entered into the drawing!...thank you!...have a joyous weekend!


old crow said...

Thank you so very much for the kind comments!! You ladies touch my heart!! My pictures are still a work in progress, I will learn how to use that camera!!! My pictures are so bright and a little on the red side, back to the "how to" book!! Thank you again for your kind words, they inspire me!! A big hug to you all!! Mona