"It is a token of health and gentle characteristics when women of high thoughts and accomplishments love to sew; especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while so occupied." ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Week End

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!! I hope this finds you all getting ready for a lovely Valentines Day!! I have been changing things up a bit here at My Old Crow Primitives!! I have had the same blog for two years now...time for a change....so with a few cups of coffee....lots of trials and errors..........welcome to my new blog design!! Amazing what you can do when you cannot sleep and start at 5 am!! I am computer challenged at best.......my Motto: " Just keep hitting buttons until it works"!! I even added a slideshow on the bottom of my blog.......believe me, it has been there for a long time........it has been loading for about a year!! :) Today it worked...!!
Please be sure to sign up for my blog giveaway....only 4 days left!! I will pick my lucky winning blogger on Monday.........Valentines Day!! Thank you for visiting!! Have a Wonderful Valentines Day filled with life's sweetest blessings!!


Mary said...

I Love the new look! Know you are not the only one with hitting buttons. I go through the same thing, as sometimes I havn't a clue at what I am doing with this blog...so I just keep trying until I get it right, may take me awhile...but eventually I get it.Looking forward to Mondays drawing, someones going to be very happy.....fingers and toes crossed here :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Amazing what we can create with a few button, huh? Love it!
I'm really excited about the drawing!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

LOL... I totally understand the computer challaenged person...Me too... I have the same motto..somehow it works!! the Blog Looks great and I love the Slice show way cool gald you finally got it working!!

Have a great Weekend!


Beckyjean said...

Love the new look. Some day soon I may have to try to update my own blog. I'm also computer challenged.

Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

Sheila said...

I love the new look and got a kick out of your motto! I've had many a day pounding on buttons till something worked! LOL
Hope you have a great weekend too.

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Love the new look! Hope you have a good weekend as well.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Your blog looks great ! Love the colors !


Becki said...

Hi Mona - I love your crafts! Is it too late to enter the giveaway?

Mamaws Creations said...

Would love to enter your giveaway! I am a little computer illerate so I know all about hitting buttons, I am trying to open another blog and I just try and try again till something works!

Roberta said...

I don't remember what your previous design looked like, but I love your new design! I've been blogging fairly steadily for a few months now and just figured out I didn't have to edit everything in HTML, which will make my postings go much faster! ~Roberta

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, I love it too:) Very nice.

old crow said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, they are truely appreciated!! My blog is a work in progress! I was on computer chat with my camera company to figure out why my pictures have a red tint....I think we may have got that problem worked out!!I hope this finds you well and enjoying a lovely Valentines Day!!
Hugs to you all!! Mona